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Teodross Avery- Harlem Stories, The Music of Thelonious Monk, 2020

Benjamin Boone- The Poets Are Gathering, 2020

Corcoran Holt- The Mecca, 2020 (HoltHouseMusic)

Ivan Diaz- Here and Now, 2019

Katsuko Tanaka- Wish Board, Corcoran Holt, Willie Jones , copyright Katsuko Tanaka, (2017)

Alma Micic That Old Feeling, Whaling City Sound 2017

The Baylor Project, Feturing Jean and Marcus Baylor: The Journey, Be a Light records, 2017

Rale Micic: Night Music, Whaling City Sound 2017

Kenny Garrett: “Do Your Dance”, Mac Avenue Records, 2016

Jamison Ross “Jamison”, Concord Records 2015 (Grammy Nominated best Jazz Vocal)

Freddie Hendrix: Jersey Cat, Sunny Side Record 2015

Andrea Murchison, Return Home, Murchchurchmusic 2015

Adrian Cunningham: Ain’t That Right! The Music of Neal Hefti, Arbors Records, 2014

Javon Jackson: Expression, Smoke Sessions, 2014

Kenny Garrett: Pushing the World Away, Mac Avenue Records, 2013

(Grammy Nominated Best Jazz Instrumental)

Brian Settles: Folk, 2013,

Eric Divito: The Second Time Around, 2013

Andrae Murchison: In the Spirit, Murchchurchmusic , 2013

Stan Killian, Evoke, 2013

Wycliffe Gordon: Hello Pops a Tribute to Louis Armstrong, (2012)

Sharp Radway: Hymns And Things (Introspection and Reflection) (2012)

Francesca Han: Illusion, (2012)

Marcus Printup: Homage, (2012) SteepleChase

Eric Divito: Breaking the Ice, (2012)

Steve Turre: Woody’s Delight (2012) HighNote Records

Brian Settles: Secret Handshake (2011) Central Union

Stan Killian: Unified featuring Roy Hargrove and Jeremy Pelt (2011)

Melvin Smith: Evidence (2011)

Ezra Weiss: The Shirley Horne Suite (2010)

Steve Turre: Delicious and Delightful (2010) High Note records

Pauline Jean: A Musical Offering (2009) Seronsa Jazz Records

Javon Jackson: Once Upon a Melody (2008) Palmetto Records

Andrae Murchison: Mornin Time ( 2008) Murch Church records

Soul Con Timba (Michael Phillip Mossman, and Antonio Hart), (2007)

Ezra Weiss: Get Happy (Ezra Weiss, Billy Hart, Antonio Hart) (2007)

Melvin Smith: I Surrender All (2008)

Brooks Hartell: Face the Sun (2008)

Francesca Han: Francesca Han 2008 MM recordings group Inc.

C Anthony Bush: Answered prayer (2008) special guest David Murray

The W.E.S. Group: Jazz Mass (2006

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